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MoneyWeb offers several partnership opportunities for web site owners.  A partnership with MoneyWeb offers a great way to add revenue to your bottom line while also adding valuable content to your web site.

The opportunities are as follows:

1.  Normal Linking

You can link to any of the following domains:

and provide your visitors with direct access to our unique and powerful financial search directory.

2.  Search Box Linking

A wide range of search boxes are available, allowing your visitors to search our directory directly from your site. Click here to see examples and HTML code for various types of search boxes.

3.  Affiliate Programs

Want us to pay you to send visitors to MoneyWeb?  We run 4 Affiliate Programs which pay up to US$0.10 per click for participating web sites. Click on any of the following Programs for more details:

4.  Add Our Interactive Components To Your Site

Any of our interactive components can be provided on a co-branded or fully branded basis.  These elements can include any or all of our financial calculators, business cards (postcards), free software downloads, discussion forums, book club, chat facilities etc.

5.  Co-branded Directory

A MoneyWeb Co-branded Directory adds your logo or header to our standard layout.  Co-branded directories are FREE unless you want our advertising banners removed or replaced with your own.

6.  Fully Branded Directory

A MoneyWeb Fully Branded Directory allows complete freedom of layout and design. We can customise your search directory to have the same look and feel of your site, with your own individual logos, graphics, fonts, links and components. We only require a small logo at bottom of each page "Powered by MoneyWeb". Everything else can be customised, even the output from the search engine.

Interactive elements such as forums, classifieds, chat, calculators, business cards (postcards), free software downloads etc. can be added to enhance your visitors' experience and encourage them to return to your site again and again. Our software engineers can tailor a solution to your exact needs.

You can see a demo version of our fully branded directory here.

7.  Pricing For Branded and Co-branded Resources

Most of our resources can be added to your site for FREE, however fees are charged for some arrangements.  Click here for pricing details.

Please contact our Content Team if you would like more information about any of these options.
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