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IMPORTANT: Only sites related to money, business or finance are eligible to be included in the MoneyWeb Top 10.

To add this voting button to your site:

follow these simple steps:

Step 1
You'll need the 9-digit ID number for your Directory listing.  You can find this number on the confirmation e-mail sent to you when your site was added to the Directory.  If you don't have this e-mail, find your listing in the Directory and place your mouse pointer over the link to your site.  Your ID number can be seen in the status bar of your browser at the end of the link.

Step 2
Add this HTML to the page(s) where you want the button to appear:

<div align="center"><center><table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr><td align="center"><a href="/cgi-bin/directory/ vote.cgi?ID=YOUR ID NO HERE"><img border="0" src="http://" width="88" height="31" alt= "Vote for this site at MoneyWeb Financial Search Directory and Resource Center"> </a><br><a href="/cgi-bin/directory/vote.cgi?ID= YOUR ID NO HERE">Vote for this site</a></td></tr></table></center></div>

Step 3
In the code above, replace both YOUR ID NO HERE entries with your 9-digit ID number from Step 1.

That's it!  Whenever a visitor to your site clicks on your button, our system will automatically register a vote for your site in our Top 10 rankings.  Please contact our Services Division if you need any help adding this button to your site.

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