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This Section is designed to give you tips for getting the best results from our Search Engine. If you need help in any other areas, please visit our Main Help Center.

Refinement - Find sites in specific countries only

The search engine searches worldwide automatically (No Refinement).  If you want to narrow your search to a specific country, simply choose the relevant country from the drop-down Refinement box.

The same applies when browsing categories in the Directory.  After entering your category, choose the Refinement option at the bottom of each page and click on the "Reload" button to see sites from the selected country only.

Case Sensitivity

Search words or phrases containing an upper case character are treated as case sensitive. In other words, a search for "internet" will match "Internet", "INTERNET", and "InTerNet", while the search term "INTERNET" would match only links with INTERNET (in uppercase) in them.

Advanced Searches

Our search engine also comes with some advanced capabilities to help you find exactly what you're looking for. These capabilities are best shown with a few examples:


+ / and

Require this term +internet Will only display listings that contain the word "internet"


Forbid this term -web

+internet -web

Will only display listings that DO NOT contain the word "web"


Prefer this term +internet or web This will find all listings containing "internet", and will rank those that also contain the word "web" a bit higher. (since web is "preferred")

" "

Exactly match this phrase "Internet Help" This will find all listing that contain the phrase "Internet Help". Note that using the quote marks forces the engine into a case-sensitive search.


Find all entries belonging to a given domain or matching a file name


The top example will return all entries in the domain. The lower example shows how you could find every .asp page listed in the engine.


Find all entries submitted by a person with this e-mail address


This is a convenience search, if you know who posted a link (or want to see if a certain person has posted any links) this is how you'd find them.


Match anything inter*


You can use the asterisk as a "wildcard" to match parts of a word. In our example, the search would return any listing with any word starting with "inter". The asterisk does have one limitation: it cannot span words - that is, the query "mat*arts" would not match the first sentence of this description - and it can represent at most four letters or numbers. To avoid overly broad searches, the asterisk can only be used in words or phrases which have at least three characters, so a search for "th*" or "an*" would be ignored.

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